Crockett's Lodge

Your local hometown bar. Filled with history good times and great food.

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Clarksburger Plain cheese burger with lettus tomato and onion

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About Us

It all started in 1983 with an ad in the local newspaper. Charlie Kosten was a man with a big idea, but needed financial backing. His dream – to open a bar in Morgantown.

A native of Cape May, NJ, Charlie wanted a bar with a beachside feel, but one that still captured the spirit of WVU. A local banker, Chip Malone, saw the ad and jumped on the opportunity.

What Our Customers Are Saying


I like it here. It’s not fancy. It’s an awesome little bar. Wings are pretty good. Bartenders are good. Good prices. Very Morgantown. Parking around back. A good place to go after a football game or basketball game.

Nolan Hutwelker

Wow – hidden gem. I’ve seen many cars parked in the lot before but the restaurant doesn’t look all that exciting just from the street view. However, its all well done inside. Staff was superb and the food was great! Now I understand why its so popular! Certainly a go-to for football season!

Lisa Kriszun

This is by far my favorite place in Morgantown. Not really a barfly, but the vibe here is fun and friendly. Great mix of generations with no friction. The staff treat you right and there are great folks like Amanda behind the bar or Tamara out at the tables. Taco Tuesday plus Team Trivia can’t be beat. Tell them Dr. Jay sent you!

Jay Malarcher